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Global Theme Week- Education

A key aspect of our teaching involves our Global Curriculum. As part of our routine teaching and Global Focus weeks, the children learn about a variety of issues ranging from Social Justice and Equality to Sustainable Development. We encourage the children to think about what they have learnt, and then act upon it with a view to them becoming model Global Citizens in the future! 

Our next Global Learning Week is just around the corner, and the focus this time will be on education and, in particular, education around the world and children’s entitlement to it. During this week, we will focus more on the Human Rights and Social Justice strands of our Global Curriculum as opposed of the Sustainable Development and environmental issues covered during the Water Week. Our pupils will experience learning with and without resources, and consider how educational experiences differ around the world.

The children and staff really enjoyed our Water Week activities, and we are very much looking forward to investigating education from a global perspective. I am sure that, once again, our pupils will be excited to share their thoughts and findings with their families!